This is a letter of recommendation for Build-Serve confirming that they have completed work at the address below efficiently and promptly and at a competitive budget. Build-Serve were also prompt and conscientious in dealing with any small outstanding matters ensuring that all details were finalised to a satisfactory standard.

Mark d'Eyncourt
404 The Alaska Building
81 Grange Road
London SE1 3BB
T 020 7394 9894

There were two primary benefits that I enjoyed as a result of employing the staff of Build-Serve.  

Firstly, as my project involved virtually every building and decorating trade you can imagine (plumbers, plasterers, electricians, tile layers, painters, roofers etc), it was a great advantage to be able to leave it to Neil and Dave to find the required skilled individuals and co-ordinate their work.  

Secondly, I found that when it came to "design" decisions as to what would look best in combination with other features, it paid to listen very closely to what the guys from BS were saying.   It is clear from the quality of the results that they knew what they were talking about. I was glad that I followed their advice.

The project certainly would not have been possible without them.

Mr David Blaker 
32  Streeton Rd
T 016 8988 7536

Build-Serve carried out some work on my house in September 2005 to repair a cracked Lintel

I received advice on the options for the repair by the builder. The scaffolders arrived as agreed. The work was carried out on time with care taken to clear up. The builders were frendly and courteous and we were kept informed of progress. Some additional work maintenance work was added to the job to make use of the scaffolding. This was carried out with slight delay by the weather, again we were kept informed of when to expect workmen on site.

When the scaffold came down the front garden was left tidy. I would be happy to use their services again.

Steve Walsh
21 Adys Road
SE15 4DX
T 020 7635 9764
I am very happy to recommend Build-Serve (Neil and David) as a
thoroughly reliable, trustworthy and capable building company.

They successfully completed a kitchen refurbishment on my home in August
2005 which I was very pleased with. I have no complaints with the quality
or efficiency of their work
and found them to be competent and attentive
throughout the course of the work.

yours sincerely,

Mrs Victoria Slater
60 The Chase
London, SW4 0NH